Investigation Assurance and Training

Caspian investigation assurance is how we maintain gold standard judgements and ensure quality and integrity across our platform.

We use the expected standards of human experts to set the minimum gold standard by which assurance is managed.

We do this by gathering data from subject matter experts that carries both consistency and consensus in behaviour to ensure the highest gold standard possible.

Standards are maintained by constantly learning from subject matter experts, industry bodies and synthesised data modelling across high numbers of scenarios.

We’re proud of the proven standards we’ve achieved in an ever-changing financial world and we’ll continue to deliver the most reliable and innovative risk investigation technology to meet tomorrows opportunities.


Caspian Investigation Assurance is always on machine technology that continuously tests and challenges the outputs generated from our financial investigation platform.

This level of continuous assurance and machine enhancement keeps you compliant with regulator guidance whilst satisfying risk steward and auditor needs.

Our assurance employs five key capabilities to validate, test and refine the gold standard signal that is used to maintain the quality and integrity of our platform.


Our five key assurance capabilities are as follows:

Variance – uses statistical methods and experimental controls to measure Subject Matter Experts (SME) group variability and the individual consistency of each SME across differing levels of analysts.

Resolution – examines any real discrepancies between Investigation Judge and SMEs to ascertain which was correct. A human expert carries the ultimate judgement responsibility in cases when differences are found.

Experiments – discovers interactions and relationships that exist between evidence parameters to precisely test, then define and audit their impact on the judgement outcome.

Priors – allows known regulatory and risk thresholds to be applied as concrete business rules within the solution.

Simulations – is a discovery-based process that can be used to stress test and find very unusual combinations of evidence and outcomes that are not often seen in real data. It can also test situations with high data-set skews or bias.


Our assurance technology can be deployed in the same way as our platform; either on your private cloud or via a managed partner service.

We work closely with your own subject matter experts and our own industry knowledge to establish assurance standards as well as carrying out future machine training to enhance ongoing capabilities.

We also provide training for your own teams to whatever level required which puts you in control of both day-to-day usage as well as the future optimisation of judgements.


We are delivering the Caspian AML Investigator platform in Tier 1 Banks to transform high-volume investigation management. We investigate and judge a high volume of AML alerts more efficiently, accurately and to a scale that exceeds in-house experts.




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