Entity Investigations

Super charge your Financial Crime and compliance capabilities with technology that investigates any UK legal entity with the brain of an industry expert.

By effectively managing the investigation of complex company entities, financial firms can positively control their risk exposure through either on demand or proactive, ongoing review process.

Caspian’s technology can transform the way that entity investigations are conducted by connecting multiple data sources and providing analysis and explainable risk recommendations in seconds.

Entity investigations in modern financial services

If your financial services firm carries out checks on UK entities, you will know that the landscape is ever changing and complex. With over 4.2 million registered companies in existence and hundreds of thousands of new incorporations and dissolutions every few months, it is difficult to stay up to date and maintain risk controls.

Data sources are disparate, poorly controlled and lack quality, so the investigative processes can be labour intensive. Without expertise to extract and analyse the right data, investigations can often be limited to basic searches that miss critical signs of suspicious activity.

Caspian gives you the power to investigate entities effectively

Caspian’s Entity Investigator solution allows you to run concurrent investigations across complex and diverse data sets in seconds. Sources of data include, but not limited to, UK Companies House, UK Council Supplier Contracts, Offshore Leaks and Lursoft.

Our AI technology uses uniquely trained models that replicate the capabilities of expert human investigators. By using over 75 different analysis and decision-making traits from our network of world renowned experts, you get output risk level judgements for entity investigations that are fully explained and provide recommendations for analysts to carry out any further actions.

Entity Investigator covers the following areas for every legal entity:

  • Company Structure
  • Company Reporting
  • Entity Screening
  • Entity Legitimacy
  • Entity Connections
  • Entity Network

Why Entity Investigator makes a difference to risk control

The solution can be applied to multiple domains including KYC, AML transaction monitoring or as part of proactive business customer checks. It can be integrated into your own processes or platforms to seamlessly transform the speed, accuracy and quality of your entity investigations.

You can analyse every investigation using the web based graded risk report and our network visualisation tool allows you to interrogate and filter all identified connections.

Our Entity Investigator technology can be used in 3 different ways:

  • Watchlist – updated and published on a monthly basis
  • On-demand – web interface to check a specific company
  • Process integration – API to batch load risk assessments into your own systems

All risk judgements are maintained and optimised using our Investigation Assurance tools, so you can be confident that performance continuously improves whilst meeting the expectations of audit and regulatory controls.

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