Anti-money Laundering

Caspian’s machine-learning solution reduces your financial risk and creates sustainable AML management by automating the complex analysis of all aspects of suspicious cases.

Anti-money laundering (AML) processes allow financial services firms to carry out risk-based due diligence to prevent and prepare for the global threat of financial crime.

Whether you need to stop terrorist financing or investigate money laundering, you need a solution in place that can efficiently analyse infinite data sources to create fully explainable reports for your financial experts and regulators.


The ever-increasing number and complexity of AML alerts is coupled with the business-critical need to meet the requirements of the regulatory compliance that shapes our industry.

We know that financial services firms face the challenges of mitigating risk with speed and accuracy on a daily basis; one of the greatest frustrations is that full investigations can take up to 45 minutes per case to complete.

This means that inefficiencies and inconsistencies are all-too-common in financial services firms around the world – judgements are inaccurate, flexibility is low and operational costs are high.


Caspian’s AML Investigator automates the most complex areas of AML retail investigations by delivering data analysis and judgements to the standard of the best human experts – only faster and with greater accuracy.

Our technology is fully integrated with your case management system to perform AML diligence across a range of areas including Account Flow, Account Activity and Transaction Purpose and Frequency.

What’s more, we maintain a gold standard by deploying our Investigation Assurance tools, so your AML investigations are constantly optimised for quality and integrity by Caspian.


We are delivering the Caspian Financial Investigation Platform in a Top 5 Global Bank to transform high-volume investigation management. We investigate and judge a high volume of alerts more efficiently, accurately and to a scale that exceeds in-house experts.

045 Seconds

per investigaton


false positives


full investigations

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