Our Investigation-as-a-Service solutions help financial services firms to stay on top of high volumes of alerts and provide the diligence to manage risk more sustainably than in-house workforces.

Caspian solutions are part of our Financial Investigation Platform and improve the efficiency, accuracy and consistency of complex financial investigations that rely on human risk experts. Our unique technology can be rapidly implemented directly or via a managed service partner.

Solutions can transform the operations of a range of regulated financial services firms, including banks, building societies, credit unions, consumer credit firms, financial advisers and insurers.

Anti-money Laundering

Fully automate or augment the most complex areas of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) retail investigations to reduce financial risk and create sustainable AML management.

From Flow of Funds to Transaction Frequency, our out-of-the-box technology analyses infinite alert data sources to produce fully explainable judgements with the kind of efficiency that human analysts simply can’t replicate.

CUStomer due diligence

Fully automate Customer Due Diligence (CDD) periodic reviews from source to decision and dramatically speed up your review process to improve risk management.

Our comprehensive and consistent industry leading judgement reports are fully explainable and generated for all CDD reviews to ensure individual customer risk insights are actionable for your financial experts.

ENTITY investigations

Fully automate the investigation of any UK legal entity in seconds to uncover suspicious activity and manage entity risk controls with invaluable insight and recommendations for investigators.

We replicate the typology of expert investigators to review up to 4.2 million companies on-demand and provide monthly updated watchlists. All decisions are output with human readable explanations and include analysis of company structure, reporting and entity connections.


We are delivering the Caspian Financial Investigation Platform in a Top 5 Global Bank to transform high-volume investigation management. We investigate and judge a high volume of alerts more efficiently, accurately and to a scale that exceeds in-house experts.







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