RegTech Insight Award 2020 win for Caspian


We won!

We are officially this year’s winner of the Reg Tech Insight Award for ‘Best Regulatory Alert Management System’ 2020.

This is brilliant news for the Caspian team and great recognition of the progress we have made with our global banking customers to help them become more efficient and effective in managing risk investigations and fighting financial crime.

Caspian Winner of RegTech Insight Award 2020

The RegTech Insight Award ‘recognises outstanding performance by the vendors of data and technology solutions to the financial industry’. Nominations are reviewed by editors and an advisory panel and the resulting short list is opened-up for voting. To receive the highest number of votes is something the whole Caspian team is very proud of.


The awards ceremony was of course a bit unusual this year but our CEO Chris Brannigan was able to ‘virtually’ receive our certificate and you can watch his interview with the team here. We will celebrate together as a team virtually this week and look forward to safely enjoying more celebrations in person soon.

Caspian CEO Chris Brannigan ‘virtually’ receiving our winners certificate.

Technology empowering the human workforce

This achievement is another step for Caspian on our mission to provide the world’s most powerful investigation technology. Now more than ever, technology and automation are in the spot-light as one of the most effective ways to bring productivity efficiencies and agility to the financial services sector. Coupled with the expertise of humans, machine-based solutions such as our AML Investigator can continue delivering high volume risk investigation judgements and explanations on a more consistent, accurate and efficient basis than existing teams. And that will remain the case even in situation where human risk analyst team resource levels are impacted.

Join the team

Our investment in technology development will continue to grow rapidly in the coming months and years, and we currently have vacancies to join our team across various positions including development, UX/UI and data science.

Please visit our careers page to find out more.