How expert AML investigators make risk decisions – WHITEPAPER


In this whitepaper, we collaborated with Nasdaq to share previously unreleased research into the performance of risk investigation subject matter experts (SME) in a tier 1 bank and how they make decisions.

The research captured a breakdown of SME decision categories and the high-performance levels they achieve. The paper contains the detailed observations, insights and factors from the controlled research that explain the breakdowns, including:

  • Which patterns influence different decision categories and how they vary between unanimous risk mitigated decisions and those that were deadlocked
  • Where SMEs use their specialist knowledge to look and discover risk not-mitigated ‘needles in a haystack’
  • What influence the reality of decision fatigue has on the ability of SMEs to achieve decision consistency
  • The different standards that exist between how a SME processes an investigation as compared to those from the wider population of Level 1 investigators

The resulting analysis generated an expert Gold Standard set of risk signals that were utilised to calibrate machine investigation systems and augment the performance of the global banks investigation team.

Risk decision categories in global banks
Download the paper here