Complex entity investigation uncovers connections right on our door step


As you will have gathered from several of our recent posts, we’ve been applying Caspian Entity Investigator technology in the analysis of several publicly available company entity databases (all of which are disparate and somewhat unstructured). These entity investigations have uncovered powerful insights that demonstrate what is possible when technology is used in tandem with expert investigators. This is especially true when that technology is modelled on the traits of expert investigators.

Our most recent entity investigation is detailed in full here by our Head of Financial Crime, Graham Barrow and shines a light on the connections between 5 limited companies originally registered in New Zealand and 5 LLP companies registered in the UK. And the investigation really did lead to our door step with those five LLP’s ending up being registered just over a mile away from Caspian HQ!

King Charles Tower, Shield Street, Newcastle upon Tyne – home to multiple UK registered LLP’s.

Stafford Financial Limited, Norwell Management Limited, Highvale Limited, Lanefield Limited and Victoria Point Limited were all registered in New Zealand within 2 days of each other in 2005. They were filed by Andrea Taylor of GT Limited which was a company embroiled in public controversy due to its reported involvement with various illegal enterprises.

Although GT Group Limited and the five filed companies above were ultimately closed down, we were able to make connections between those original five companies and the five new LLP companies that were registered in the UK in 2011. Those new LLP companies copied the names of the original companies but for 2 differences: LLP status replaced Limited and the spelling of Lanefild LLP appeared to have suffered a typo!

Connections and similarities between the original and new companies included a familiar director and PSC, strike offs on the same date, investments in Latvian businesses and dormant accounts status (despite publicly available data showing active investments).

All of which highlights a set of relatively complicated entity structures which doesn’t necessarily suggest illegal activity, but if available to investigation teams would certainly heighten potential risk awareness.

And the biggest surprise of all is that it all led right to our own doorstep (which by the way appears to be a tower block that is the registered address of 35 other UK LLP’s!).