Caspian Entity Investigator launches


Entity Investigator is the latest solution to join the Caspian Financial Investigation Platform. It gives financial services firms the ability to automate the investigation of UK legal entities and get insight and recommendation that might otherwise be missed or labour intensive to analyse.

Our focus is on developing the world’s most powerful investigative technologies and there are always development projects running in the background at Caspian to find the latest solution. Not all of them make it to public release, but Entity Investigator was one that we’re constantly told is needed by the market. It’s just one of those challenges in financial services that continues to become more complex and labour intensive to solve – be it the disparate and poorly organised nature of public data or the increasing sophistication of criminals to find ways to hide their trail.

Replicate expert investigator traits

To successfully investigate any risk alert, there are tried and trusted approaches that expert investigators use to investigate cases and make judgements to manage risk. We work with some of the best world renowned financial crime experts to develop typologies that replicate not only the way that data is analysed, but also the way that decisions are taken.

Those typologies are at the core of Entity Investigator which outputs recommendations that can either automate mitigation or be used to augment further investigation of suspicious entities.

Graham Barrow, Caspian Head of Financial Crime has been training investigation teams for over 20 years and is well aware of the value that rapid entity investigation brings to financial services: ‘this is a major step forward in enabling financial services firms to rapidly run high volumes of investigations concurrently and give human investigators the insight and recommendations they need to focus on the cases that need their expert attention’.

Read more about how Entity Investigator is supporting both advanced Companies House data analysis and Expert Entity Investigations.