Automated Investigations

Caspian AML Investigator gathers evidence and provides an expert, fully explained and consistent risk decision within seconds.

We codify the expertise of your human investigators within our AML Investigator so it can interrogate data, gather evidence and make risk decisions using the same attributes as the best expert investigators.

Explainability is built into all stages of the automated Caspian AML investigation process. It is a core part of our commitment to provide transparent rationale for your in-house teams and regulators.


Caspian AML Investigator gathers data from your propriety and 3rd party data sources and generates evidence to make risk decisions with rapid efficiency and unparalleled accuracy.

what do we investigate?

Our individual Investigator Agents replicate the analytical traits of your best human experts and are trained on expert judgements to generate evidence across vital areas including:

  • Source/destination of Funds
  • Company Structure
  • Account Activity Review
  • Ammount Context
  • Entity Risk
  • Customer Means
  • Counterparty Nature of Business

how do agents investigate?

Investigator Agents ingest data across your own proprietary data sources as well as 3rd party sources. This includes alerted transactions, associated customer information, transaction history and open source data.

Each Investigator Agent has been trained to complete a specific aspect of each risk investigation to an always accurate and consistent standard.


A machine that can explain its decisions and rationale is critical to build trust and confidence for both system users and regulatory authorities.

Caspian’s decision module collects all Investigator Agent evidence to produce an overall risk decision that is fully explained.

types of risk judgement

Our AML Investigator platform fully automates or highly augments all AML investigations and provides 2 types of risk judgements:

Risk Mitigated: The platform was able to fully explain the risk within the alerted transaction. Decision rationale and evidence is provided. These investigations are sent directly to QA.

Risk Not Mitigated: The platform was not able to fully mitigate the risk within the alerted transaction and provides a human readable explanation with reasoning. The platform then provides analyst guidance on next steps, in order for the investigation to be completed.

how decisions are explained

Every Caspian investigation is accompanied with a clear human readable explanation as to the decision rationale and decision evidence.

The output of each investigation is a consistent and expert decision every time. This transforms your quality assurance process.


We are delivering the Caspian AML Investigator platform Tier 1 Banks to transform high-volume investigation management. We investigate and judge a high volume of AML alerts more efficiently, accurately and to a scale that exceeds in-house experts.





Experience for yourself how Caspian can automate or augment your AML risk investigations with a remote or in-person demo today.