AML Investigator

Caspian’s world-leading platform dramatically reduces any bank's compliance risk with consistent and automated expert-level AML investigations.

Caspian Anti-money laundering (AML) automated investigations allow banks to carry out risk-based due diligence at the level of human experts – but at machine scale.

Whether in retail, private, corporate, investment or correspondent banking, you need a solution in place that can efficiently and accurately produce fully-explained risk decisions for your risk stewards and regulators.


AML alerts generated by banks are increasing in both complexity and volume, making it a hard and costly industry problem to solve.

Current investigative processes are manual, outdated and human intensive. Skilled analysts are expensive and rare. This results in unsustainable operational costs as well as inconsistent and inaccurate risk decisions.

transform your AML investigations

Caspian’s AML Investigator platform fully automates or highly augments end-to-end risk investigations. Our unique platform provides unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and consistency across all investigations.

Our platform is proven in global banking to improve risk management, reduce costs and deliver results beyond human capabilities. We provide human readable explanations at all stages of an investigation, keeping you regulator compliant.

The platform investigates every AML alert, gathers evidence and makes judgements across vital areas including Source/destination of Funds and Entity Risk.

FLEXIBLE configuration

Caspian AML Investigator is tailored to your banks requirements and risk thresholds. The platform integrates with standard transaction monitoring and alerting systems, uses your proprietary and 3rd party data sources and is trained on your expert consensus risk judgements.

Our management tools empower you to analyse and validate platform performance before going live.

Caspian investigations, risk decisions and supporting evidence are then consumed directly by any bank CMS system. All decisions are fully traceable, auditable and evidenced.


Our platform includes the tools for your in-house teams to continuously monitor and optimise investigation performance

This gives you the confidence that the platform is operating as expected and includes the assessment of decision validity and monitoring of bias, drift or anomalies.

We use simulated transaction data to stress-test solutions and build better models for the future whilst our audit process can trace decisions back to any stage that may have influenced an outcome.


We are delivering the Caspian AML Investigator platform in Tier 1 Banks to transform high-volume investigation management. We investigate and judge complex AML alerts more efficiently, accurately and to a scale that exceeds in-house experts.




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