About Us

We are building a safer future for our global financial systems with automated technology for investigating financial risk.

We are developing machine solutions that are transforming financial risk management for Tier 1 banks by automating complex investigation processes with greater speed, accuracy and consistency than ever before.

This cutting-edge technology is built on the unique expertise and understanding of a team that is focused on placing data science and advanced machine learning at the heart of the global anti-financial crime challenge.


Caspian is founded on an advanced understanding of the higher-order cognitive processes that shape the financial world.

We know that billions of dollars are lost every year through financial crime and our mission is focused finding more effective ways for financial services firms to manage crime with smarter and faster decision-making processes.

Our team are experts in understanding the complex, high-risk processes involved in the fight against financial crime. They combine this knowledge with world first data science and technology approaches.

By combining advanced machine-learning with the best expert analyst intelligence in global banks, we develop solutions that help financial crime teams to investigate risk alerts more accurately and effectively than ever.


Meet the senior team that inspires our vision for automation solutions that make a positive difference for our financial systems.


Our values are the core principles that inspire and govern everything we do:

TRUTHFUL – We believe in finding, revealing and communicating with The Whole Truth.

INNOVATIVE – We thrive on disruptive ideas and technology to move us forward. 

ACCOUNTABLE – We stand by everything we do with unmatched care and attention.

COLLABORATIVE – We all know what we’re here to achieve, so we all pull in the same direction. 

ETHICAL – We’re fully compliant and focused on delivering what you need, the right way.

INQUISITIVE – We’re here to make a difference, so we’re always curious and questioning.


We value integrity and explainability above all else at Caspian.

We’re open, confident and truthful about our work and that’s reflected in the respect we have for each other as a diverse team of experts.

Replicating the higher-order cognitive processes involved in risk investigation is achieved through collaboration at every level of our team with a focus on helping customers in their fight against financial crime.


Become part of our growing team of big-thinkers that is making a difference to how global financial services effectively and efficiently fight financial crime.


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